Terhi Stegars
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Terhi Stegars

Welcome to my Homepage Finland

„I have had a passion for horses
as long as I can remember”

„My relationship with these highly sensitive animals fascinates and inspires me again and again. Each day is a new challenge as I work with the horses helping them to develop and learn step by step. Every little success, such as the first flying change of a young horse, gives me the motivation to continue to set new goals for myself.

For me, there can be no better profession”.

Terhi Stegars



In early April I will start working as the Head Rider of Gestüt Bartlgut in Austria. After 14 years in Luxembourg it is time for me to take the next steps in my career and, most importantly, get back into the competition arena.  

Over the past four years, I've had an incredible opportunity to build a brand new stable from scratch at Contern Dressage Center. It's been a rare and amazing experience that has allowed me to learn and grow so much. I have supported all aspects of preparing the stables and team to launch and I am proud of the excellent service we've been able to provide to our horses and customers.  

Although it's been wonderful to have stability and quiet home time to spend with my young son, I have really missed being in the arena and competing at the highest levels of the sport I love. My ultimate goal is to compete in the Olympics, and I'm determined to make that dream a reality, if not in Paris then Los Angeles in 2028. That's why I'm so excited to join Gestüt Bartlgut, where I'll be able to focus on competitions and explore the quality and depth of equine talent they have. I can't wait to deliver results and continue growing as a dressage rider for many years to come.