During her career Terhi Stegars has trained under such well known individuals as Jürgen Bockmann, Reinhard Nielsen and Dolf Dietram Keller, who have all ridden successfully at Grand Prix level. She has also had the benefit of Holger Schmezer’s experience, who is the long term trainer of the German national team. Currently Terhi trains with Kyra Kyrklund and her husband Richard White.

Terhi has vast experience in presenting herself and her horses at both German and international level. She is a common sight at galas and stallion shows in Neumünster, Verden, Munster, Aachen, Grebin and Webelsgrund and also at auctions in Klosterhof Medingen and Neumünster.

She has also demonstrated her abilities at a multitude of German and international competitions having competed successfully in federal championships in Germany, Denmark and Finland.

She has competed four times in the young horse world championships and has been in the medals three times in both the Finnish National Championships and the Nordic Championships.

Terhi’s wide experience and international contacts can work to your advantage.



Axis Aachen
Terhi and Axis at the World Equestrian Games in Aachen

Terhi mit Vslet
Valet – was successful up to Grand Prix and now enjoys his retirement